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  • Exterior wall
  • Indoor
  • Country Garden

    Country Garden,as the global famous real estate company, our strategic partner used our artifiical stone veneer Type 20502 on their exterior wall decoration.

    Country Garden

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  • 40 series of Boao manufactured stone veneers are dignified, classical and concise

    Huangtai Lake in Qianan, Tangshan

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  • Boao manufactured cultured stone veneers Type 23A82 are selected as the exterior wall cladding of the project Donghai Xianhu City in Hangzhou

    Donghai Xianhu City in Hangzhou

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  • The Baisha Garden project of Kunming Vanke takes full advantage of the natural sloping landscapes forming a unique architectural style.

    The Baisha Garden project of Kunming Vanke

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  • The Forest Stream Bay community in Zhengzhou, which covers an area of over 40000 square meters, artificial limestone decoration show

    The Forest Stream Bay in Zhengzhou

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  • Restaurant

    The comfortable and elegant finish design is more and more popular in restaurants and bars.


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  • Home furnishing

    In housing decoration design, people focus on the quality, details and personalized style

    Home furnishing

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  • street-corner

    From in the shade to the center of attention, only with BOAO culture stones, can the street corners be so


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  • Wine cellar

    Mixed up with culture stone veneers of the wall decoration, red cement bricks bring the wine cellar much richer culture deposits.

    Wine cellar

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